NFL logos

I’m knitting a sweater for a teddy bear…chgo. bear colors…now I need either the ’ C ’ logo or the bears’ name to knit into the sweater…anyone have a graph for them ?

This might help: Another thing you might consider is getting a patch form the team store/website and sewing it on. That looks like what usamacka did here with some Broncos hats, and I did something similar here for my son’s Carolina Hurricanes beret. There’s also – apparently – a chart generator available on line to create charts for any team.

You should know in advance that sports teams can get VERY picky about the use of their logos and trademarks. I’m not sure how the chart generator creators get around the licensing requirements. Using an officially licensed patch might obviate that problem (or not, I don’t know). For something like a gift for a family member or your own personal use I doubt that you’d get much grief over it anyway (because how would they know?). I imagine if you tried to start a line of Chicago Bears Teddy Bears on eBay or something, though, you’d get a stern phone call form humorless guys in suits.

Good hunting!

A similar question in regard to the Bears came up about a week ago. You might find some of the suggestions here helpful.