Next time I decide to throw a hank

of yarn across my feet and start winding, remind me that’s what I have kids and a dh for!! Two shifts of position and I had an hour’s worth of untangling to do! Might be time to consider a swift! :slight_smile:

:lol: Live and learn! I use DH!

yep, I use hubby too. More recently my 6yo son has been able to sit still long enough but its a rare ocourrance. (sp?) Ill get a swift eventually but i dont have room to keep it up yet. My Husband and son will work for now.

Hi! :waving:

I read this hint awhile back (can’t remember where) and it looked super neat.

Instead of using the back of a dining room chair, turn the chair over and wrap the hank of yarn around its upturned feet.

Maybe it’ll work and keep you detangled! Hope so!