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I cross-posted this on another site, but I need multiple venues for my venting! Hope no one minds!!

So about 3 weeks ago I accidently rear-ended a woman. I wasn’t going very fast and didn’t have any damage on my car. When I got out to ask her about her car she didn’t understand enough English to answer me when I asked her about these black scratches on her car(mine is silver). So we traded insurance info w/o the cops being called to file a report. Now she wants me or my insurance to pay for her whole rear bumper to be replaced!!! I cannot afford this or to have my insurance rate increase! My DH and I are barely making ends meet as it is. So obviously paying it out of pocket is not an option. So I can have my insurance pay it, but I think that means I still have to pay my $500 deductible… Or I can deny it and risk having them take me to small claims court. I’m just so fricking pissed because I KNOW it wasn’t me who did that damage to her bumper!!!
Who wants my ulcer? Anyone?

I’m so sorry to hear that! I wish there was some useful information I could offer. I think what I would do is if she pushes, and does take you to small claims, you can try to fight it. I think you have a pretty good case, seeing as how there was no damage to your car and her damage appeared to be from a previous accident…

There should be no deductible on damage to HER car only if you were getting repairs to yours.

Did you call the police and make a report?

The insurance adjusted should be able to tell if the damage was from other than your car.


Well my DH and I decided to let my insurance cover the damages. If we were to be taken to court it might not even out, especially if I were to lose and have to pay court costs also. Plus, I would have to take time off work to go to court and not get paid for that. In the end the increase in my insurance won’t be too bad because it was set to lower next month.

I didn’t contact the police because I was afraid of getting a ticket and getting points on my license. Also, the adjustor wasn’t any help. This is what my insurance agent had to say about what the adjustor’s view was:

[I][I] I just spoke w/Alicia and she said that it was a bumper being replaced. She advised that if the vehicle was hit hard enough, the paint may have totally been removed and exposed black. Otherwise, if the other vehicle was hit lightly it would show the color of your vehicle.[/I]


Well that stinks!

But, it’s cheaper to take the increase on your insurance probably than to pay it out of pocket. The surcharge shouldn’t be huge if you’ve got a clean driving record otherwise and it will only last for 3 years.

I also don’t think you’re going to be paying a deductible. I’m an insurance agent and I’ve never heard of paying a deductible for a property damage claim unless you’re in a weird insurance state.

Yup, I won’t have to pay any money for a deductible, etc. Thankfully! It still has me really upset because of the whole idea that I didn’t do this damage, but the woman is able to take complete advantage of me.

ALWAYS keep a disposable camera in your glove box and use it whenever there is an accident. ALWAYS.