Next row? anyone know the chevron stitch?

I just bought a new afghan pattern and it tells me to knit the top 5 rows, then it says
Next row(RS)- knit
Row 1- (WS): K3, p4 [k2,p4] 7 times, k3

What does this mean?
It tells me in the initial directions to knit 5 rows for the top border and 6 rows for the bottom border
Then the block directions tell me to knit 6. does that mean I will have 7 rows of knitting?


Since you are really knitting a garter stitch - meaning you are knitting on both the right and wrong sides they want you to knit 5 rows plus one more and then your row 1 starts but it will be on the wrong side row. I think it would have been easier to them to say knit 6 rows and then start row 1 on the wrong side. Garter stitch is often counted in RIDGES now rows so 6 rows would be three ridges. Make sense? So actually for the block directions you really do have 6 rows on top and 6 on the bottom.

Thank you Sheri. That makes more sense. :slight_smile: