Next question: binding off

Good afternoon! I just tried binding off for the first time, following the video on the site. I think I did it right, but what do I do with the “loop” at the end? I assume I cut it, but hwere? and do I then tie a knot in it or what? what will keep it from unravelling? Also, what is done with the tail from my cast-on? I worked it into the 1st 3 stitches, if that makes a difference. Thanks!

Cut where the yarn goes back to the ball, then pull the loop through. Weave both the ends into adjoining stitches. They won’t pull out.

TY - I am not sure what you mean to weave it into adjoining stitches (sorry). How would I go about that? And would this be into the section I bound off, or one of the sides? Thanks!

Pull the ends through the back of the stitches, along the last row, or you can do it down through sts on lower rows.

This is a swatch, yes? I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Thanks again. Yes, it’s just a swatch (or a tiny blanket if you ask my 6 yo daughter! I just learned how to do the knit stitch and bind off. I thought I’d practice some little squares until I feel more comfortable. Still - I want to do it right!

I hate to sound ignorant, but to pull the ends through the back of the stitches…I still don’t understand how. Do I somehow use my knitting needle, or maybe a regular needle?

Thanks for all of your help!

You can use a darning needle, one with a large eye and blunt tip. I usually use a small crochet hook.

TY so much (again!) - you have been most helpful. Off to buy a crochet hook…