Newsboy caps!?

I appreciate the discussion here, because that really helps me envision what the ifferences are between patterns. I’m hoping to try the crochet cap posted, but I don’t know how to follow crochet patterns so I’ll have to get a friend to help. If I succeed I will post it!

I’ve been starting and frogging, and re-starting and re-frogging a newsboy cap for my Mom for the last week or so. None of the patterns are quite what she wants (I think) so I’ve been trying to improvise, so far, not to my satisfaction. Maybe I’ll look at crochet ones too. There really seems to be a wider choice of patterns, or some reason. And, it’d be good to learn crochet. I dabbled with it as a kid and I remember enjoying it quite a bit. Hsiaokuo62, keep us updated on your progress.

Yes, good discussion here! Thanks for the long post cook____ (I can’t bring myself to use the last part of your name coz I have an aversion to them, so much to the point I once wrote and performed a theater piece called WOIMS :pout: really

anyhow, yeah I’m sure I can handle the cable part. I just got to find the yarn I want for this. Using cheaper yarn for the first one is a good idea… I have some really beautiful Kureyon stuff, kind of bulky and variegated colors (I think that what it’s called ) and this would / will make a gorgeous cap but I think I should practice on less $$ yarn first.

As for crochet, after knitting for ages I just suddenly picked up some beautiful bulky white natural yarn and crocheted a very long scarf, only about 10 stitches wide and it just FLEW, you get done so quickly with crochet. I don’t like to do it too often coz I find it kind of hard on the wrist but for simple things it’s great, a good break from knitting. Only the first row is hard btw, after that it gets much easier. Crochet is easy! so don’t be intimidated by it. Probably videos all over the place…

just a little update, a new pattern I noticed

is it a newsboy cap or a beret or a combo???

Kinda interesting.

The hat is definitely intriguing, but it really brought up a pet peeve of mine - why do knitting patterns have pictures you can’t really see??? :wall:
:shrug: This drives me crazy! Its so artistic that we can’t even tell what it looks like! Its like the pictures of a cable pattern in black…you can’t see a thing…or a sweater in white on a white background… or those tiny little pictures next to patterns where you can’t make head or tail out of it :!!!: :gah: :hair:

I love having a chance to use all my venting icons! LOL

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr:

EXACTLY!  You are so right, you can't tell what the side looks like, the back.....           :!!!:     uhh now there's a cute icon I never noticed....

I would looove to find the knitting pattern to make this perfect newsboy cap from Nordstrom (not surprising it is sold out).