Newsboy Cap

Hi everyone:) I’m admit that I am a bit of a lurker, but I can change I swear lol… ok no seriously, you all have helped me unknowingly so many times so thanks :wink:

I was just wondering if anyone had a pattern for a newsboy cap… I am dying to make one of these and already have the yarn I want to use… the only thing stopping me is a pattern lol… I am a new knitter and I am not confident enough to give it a go on my own just yet. Any help would be appreciated it…
thanks. :smiley:

Someone just asked the same question last week! :smiley:

Thank you for that thread. I missed that one I really appreciate it.

On a side note has anyone ever ordered anything from before? I am usually a bit hesitant to order things from companies I don’t know.

thanks again Julie:)

I’ve ordered from them. Heck, I’ve ordered from just about everybody–I need to get out more!

Actually, I’ve ordered from them a few times, and didn’t have any problems or complaints about them.
There is a very nice one at this site that a friend of mine designed. I neglected to look at the price, I’m assuming around $5.00; well worth whatever the price, she is an excellent designer and knitter

Lol thanks Ingrid. I actually went ahead and ordered from them… I got the Boye needlemaster 200 kit. that was the cheapest I could find it… now I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas for it to come lol.

Rebecca thank you… I saw that one I think I will go ahead and get tht pattern especially since that is the closest to what I am looking for:)

do you have the stitch n bitch books? there is a newsboy cap in one of them (i cant remember but i think it is in Nation) too.

My sweetness (Lonnie) just ordered all of my new single point needles from them & we were very pleased. The prices couldn’t be beaten anywhere we looked for what we were looking for anyway, Susan Bates Quicksilver 14" single points. I’m so pleased that they carried all of the needles AND the circs, so we will order my Quicksilver 16" and 24" circs from them, too…for my new venture; 2 socks on 2 circs. Overall, a great experience and I’ve heard nothing but praise about them over on KR, too.
I’m glad that you’ve chosen to go with the ‘Newsboy Cap’ from bc my friend that designed this one is an excellent knitter and has been knitting for …oh…2, 300 years…lol; that’s the way it seems bc she seems to know EVERYTHING that there ever was to know about knitting!! I’ve felt like a knitter that’s growing up here lately bc I’ve had the same answers that she has had about some technique questions…lol! She’s really good; but I’m pretty sure not quite that old!

No I dont have either of them but I have been thinking of getting them both. The only thing I am hesitant about is hearing how many errors are in the patterns. I am not an experienced knitter and I am just not sure if they would just outright frustrate me lol. But I am very tempted to check them out. Thanks for the tip though :smiley:

Rebecca, I am so glad to hear that you have been happy with your purchaces… I am just always a little hesitant buying online from companies that I haven’t had any prior experience with. I can’t wait for my order to arrive. curses the weekend I was blown away by their prices as well… I plan on getting some more things from the site later on.

by the way I just want to thank you all for your responses. I think you are all great! Thanks again (I say thank you to much don’t I? lol)