Newsboy Beanie add on stitches

Hi! I’m working on a patten called Newsboy Beanie from the book Slouchy Beanies and Headwraps.–Pg. 16.

The directions call for using circular needles… I have completed up to rows 12-14: Repeat rows 2-4: 33 stitches… up to and including this part of the direction is fine. Now the directions read:
Cut one strand, leaving a long end… I get

Rnd 1: with remaining strand, add on 44 stitches; place a marker to mark the beginning of the round.
ok… my question: am I using the strand which is connected to the skein… and am I using M1-- to make the 44 stitches… ? – and then placing a marker? and then am I only using these stitches to continue the pattern and forgetting about the other 33 stitches?

Am I making sense?
Thanks, cair:knitting:

You’ll cast on the 44 sts. This video shows a knitted cast on but you could do a cable cast on.

Have you been working with two strands of yarn? That’s the only reason I can think of for cutting the yarn. Is there a picture of your pattern we can see? I can’t find one and the pattern is in a book.

Yes, I was working with 2 strands… and the pattern said to cut it… and work with the other… How do I send a photo… ?

I think I see what’s going on now. You’ve knit the bill of the cap I think using 2 strands of yarn. Just cut one leaving a tail to weave in and cast on your 44 sts with the uncut yarn, then join to work in the round. You’ll be joining at the other side of the bill from where you were when you cast on the additional stitches. You’ll then be working across the bill of the cap and continue on around.

If you have a picture you want to post, click the Go Advanced button under the Message: box and look for a paperclip above and to the right of the box. If you’ve got it figured out now, don’t worry too much about posting a pic. We would love to see pics of your work of course. HTH

Well… here is the hat… I don’t know if I did this correctly.
warmly and thanks,

If I didn’t help, say so, please. Someone else will explain it differently.

Hi! Thanks so much…
To recap: I’m using circular needles …and
I just finished the round having 33 sts.
Next set of directions read RIBBING
Rnd 1: With remaining strand, add on 44 sets; place a marker to mark the beginning of the end.

My question… at this point, having completed 33 stitches, this is where I’m going to begin adding on stitches, am I correct?
Then I will place the marker, am I correct?
Thanks so much for all your help.

Yes, I think you have it right. You’ve just knit 33, next cast on 44, place your marker, work the next stitch to join in the round and work your ribbing.

Just to be sure, you have [B]row[/B] of 33 sts, correct? I’m being nit picky, I know, but if you have an actual round of 33 sts then I think something’s wrong.

Thanks so much… I’m ok now! You helped so much. I really appreciate your time, and understanding, and of course you answered my question.

Good to know it’s going OK for you. I’m glad I could help. I get the help I need here too.

Hi GG…
Here is a photo of my Newsboy Beanie.
So glad it’s done.Thanks for your help!

I [B][COLOR=“Red”]L :heart: VE[/COLOR][/B] it! How did you make the brim/bill/whatever it is stiffer? I’m thinking of adding a very small one to a baby hat.

That worked out wonderfully well! Great teamwork.

I just followed the pattern… :slight_smile: Next time, I think I’ll use smaller size needles… For this one, I used size US 7 & US 8 and US 8 dp needles. This pattern is from the book Slouchy Beanies. Very nice patterns… cute! :slight_smile: Thanks, GG!

So it’s just knit, no plastic insert or anything?

that’s a stylin’ hat… very nicely done! :wink:

Hey,… no plastic insert… just knit/purl… bingo… If you want the pattern I can get it to you…

Thanks! A link to the pattern would be fantastic. Right now I have some rib in the round topped with lateral braid and I’m thinking how many increases, do I want a tam type top or stick with beanie style? lol Decisions, decisions. I can’t find a pattern I really want to follow so I’m stealing from several and will do an afterthought bill type thing since I saw a video for it and think I can find it again. I may do a chain stitch around the bottom of the rib. Or not. I may frog it all and start over.

GG… Is there any way I can e-mail you the instructions? I wrote the pattern out for you. It was a little lengthy to send in a reply. Let me know. Thanks… cair

Is it a paid pattern?