Hello all,
Just wanted to tell someone that I am pregnant with child number 3. :cheering: It is only early days, and have not told any of our family as of yet. We have two beautiful boys Caleb aged 4 1/2 and Riley aged 19mths. We are so over the moon and I am looking forward to all of the knitting projects I will be able to complete for the new addition. We didn’t find out the sex with our boys but have decided to for this one ( if it gives us the money shot in the ultrasound) so I will be able to make gender specific garments and more.

Thanks for letting me spill the beans!!!
Jacqui x


Thanks Debbie :thumbsup:


Congratulations, proud Momma! I hope you have fun knitting all those cute baby garments.

Congratulations! Baby (((GIRL VIBES)))

:woot:Congrats!!! :woot:

:cheering: That’s wonderful, congratulations! :cheering:

yay! congrats!!

Yeah! Congrats! Whoopie!


That’s totally awesome!


Congratulations! :cheering:


Congrats!!! :cheering::happydance:

YAY congratulations!! =D

:muah: Thanks everyone.