NEWS FLASH! promising a gift reduces pleasure of knitting

AMEN SamSam… (although I still myself setting what my husband lovingly refers to as “artificial deadlines”).

Oh dear, has knitting simply helped me to discover YET ANOTHER personality Flaw?!


I used to think I had the flaw called “being a messy desk person”. With some help from a guy who researched messy desks, I figured out that the items cluttering my desk are not “mess”; I’ll have you know they are “cognitive artifacts” and they actually EXPAND my ability to think and function, because they are extensions of my brain.

Likewise, all my projects lying around unfinished in plain sight actually EXPAND my capcacity to create! They are concrete extensions of the creative universe in my brain, and why should I limit my brain to the space and time available to my hands?

I was asked to make 5 dishcloths for the doctor’s gift baskets. I was asked late summer and have 2 completely done and started the 3rd one this past Thursday. I’m not feeling pressure yet, because I still have lots of time and the ballbands knit up quickly!

However, someone else is knitting socks for them and I would hate to be her, since I haven’t even finished the one sock I’ve started! LOL!