NEWS FLASH! promising a gift reduces pleasure of knitting

Maybe I’m slow to learn this, but I was just browsing through the Whatcha Knitting threads, and I suddenly felt almost panicky…thinking about all of my projects.

Usually I like thinking about what I’m working on, it’s my pleasure.

I hadn’t finished anything for months until day before yesterday. I finally got a child’s sweater done. I have too many works in progress, more than I ever have had. And 2 or 3 of these items are promised gifts. I think that’s the problem.

So I guess I have titrated up to my limit. I should finish something soon instead of starting yet another project. I have discovered that I enjoy knitting LESS if I have any kind of pressure to finish sooner rather than…whenever I want.

I agree.

I find that you shouldn’t set date for a project to be done as well. You feel like you need to rush and get upset when you don’t meet your deadline.

Me three! I have a friend who wants me to advertise my knitting and I hate the thought of turning it into a “business”. I don’t believe that people who don’t know how to do handwork understand the time nor is it appreciated unless it’s a gift without stress! I love to find out that someones pregnant or getting married, in the future. Gives a little more time to do a project. Mary

Oh sure, tell me this now that I have the yarn ordered for the half of a bazillion projects I have lined up for myself for Christmas. Actually I am feeling the heat already. Ugh. Well I had best be knitting insteads of typing.


The title of this thread made me laugh out loud. I could just imagine what things had been promised and could picture you, MrsDavis3, gritting your teeth and knitting because you [U]have[/U] to.

Also, remember the sweater curse: If you knit a sweater for your boyfriend, he will break up with you.

“News Flash”, hahahahaha!

This is why i almost never knit gifts. not purposely anyway. I give away almost everything i do knit but i don’t go into anything with a deadline if i can help it. it seems selfish to me when people ask about christmas knitting and i say “nuthin’!” but i don’t feel bad since i give almost all of it away…lol. i do have stuff that has been knit for christmas but it has been done for months and i only did it because i felt like it. I generally don’t let anybody know that i am knitting something for them, that way i don’t feel bad if i never get it done…lol.

(as my mother how long she has been waiting for her felted purse!)

:teehee: yes it does!! Esp. when you haven’t promised a present but since you are the knitter it’s just expected…and everyone keeps asking you about what your plan is… I haven’t promised or said anything to one cousin and one friend who are both due in Feb…but everyone is like sooo are you waiting to chose the yarn? have you started… of course I will do something for them but everyone else is stressing me out :teehee:…I did Christmas gifts earlier…if I have a time frame I won’t make it… best if I don’t… I usually do get rid of everything I knit…or have someone in mind when I make it…I have made socks for gifts but for some reason that is the one thing that I’m also good about keeping… I was going to give my moon dance shawl away to a friend for her b-day since I didn’t get it finished for me to wear to a wedding…but dh stepped in and said I had to keep it cause of all the late nights he spent sitting up with me :teehee:…

i set time limits…

ie: the irish hiking scarf i’m working on. if i did nothing else BUT knit i doubt i’ll get it done by the 19th… so i do the "well, if i don’t get it done for this winter nights, i’ll have it done by yule (we celebrate it in july). same with the shawls i want to knit for the ladies, i have NO PRAYER of having 4 done by this january. so i’ve got em planned for a year from january.

but i agree, setting a definate time limit (month/day/year) reduces the pleasure and makes it a stressor.

I try not to set deadlines for my projects. If I get it done in time, then fine. If not, does it really matter if they get the present later? It’s the thought that counts, and they are still getting a gift made with love. And who says you can’t give Christmas presents in February?

Arghhhh. Last year I foolishly decided to knit each grandkidlet sometime for their birthdays. Well… it went along not badly until I got to the two who are a week apart in age! And then the last of the six that was just slogging because I was tired of the whole idea!! So didn’t I decide to knit my only gd a Hey Mickey skirt. Which means her brother needs something… so I’m working on a vest for him. But there were no dates for these projects and his vest will get done whenever. So I started a shawl for my sil and a quilt for my other sil and a cephalopod for my grandniece for Christmas. I never learn!!! :wink: samm

This is exactly why I don’t do any of the charity knitting or other ‘gift’ type knitting things. I never know when or for how long I’ll have time to knit and having to meet some deadline would take all the fun out of it for me.

A few years back, there were some changes in my life - some planned, some not planned. My ‘therapy’ was crafting. I crocheted, quilted, knitted, sewed, anything. I was busy all they time that I was at home. I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with all the stuff I made. I just made it 'cause I wanted to. If I liked the color of the yarn, I would find a pattern I liked to go with it. I made tons of baby stuff even though there were no babies anywhere in the picture.

When Christmas came around and I didn’t have any money, I went “shopping” in my craft room and everyone was very pleased with their gifts. And since then, whenever a baby comes along, I have a nice gift it. But now it’s time to start ‘restocking’ my store. :mrgreen:

I actually like deadlines, since they keep me motivated. I make sure my deadlines are attainable, though, so I don’t get discouraged. It also helps me keep projects in perspective, like I can’t wait to knit a rag rug, but I won’t start until my 2 upcoming projects are bound off. The thought of starting the rug keeps the needles flying on my shrug and bag. Otherwise I’d have thousands of half done projects, because I would see a new yarn and put down my current project for a new one. That to me is more discouraging than deadlines.

Yep, I don’t have any deadlines with my knitting at the moment. But I won’t start a new project till what I’ve started is finished.

And it is precisely why I never tell anyone that I am knitting something for them. They’ll just bug me about it and then I don’t want to finish it or I finish it quickly just so I can be done with it! UGH! I knit to relax and enjoy myself, not be all stressed about deadlines. I’m a very “process person” rather than a “project person” A process person enjoys the process. They like the pattern, the yarn, the making it, the trying something new. The project person wants to finish things and move on to finish something else.

Yes, you don’t even really have to make it official for it to end up a pressure situation. I mean, my sister had 5 children and they are now reproducing like crazy. Once I knit something for one of the babies, I felt like I had to do it for all of them. In fact, they may not care at all if I do it, but I feel obliged.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I wrote up my way of handling getting things done on my blog, It really got me past the OMG feeling of being overwhelmed! Try and see if it’ll help you.:shrug:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I absolutely agree.

In fact - the whole “deadline for Christmas” thing is why I got burned out on quilting - stupid me felt like I had to make a quilt for all FIVE nephews and nieces as well as 3 more - 2 for my boys and one for ex boyfriend’s son. I haven’t quilted since.

And trust me. I have a closet full of fabric. It really is a shame.

Update - just read Yarnlady’s blog. What a great idea!

I agree–when I set deadlines for myself it makes knitting seem like a JOB!:hair: I have a job–don’t need another one of those. I :knitting:to relax and not think about my job!

I completely agree, but can you tell my why I keep on promising people? Personality flaw I think!