Newest hedgehog... Harley

:roflhard: Henry, Heidi, Hank and Harley

You really have been busy. All of these guys/gals are just so adorable. You have done a super job on all of them. Keep going - I want to see more.

Kewl and unique.

Oh, I think he’s the cutest one yet! Lol. . .

I agree!
I like the little baby “harley” I have yet to make my 2nd one, it will be a sonic hedgie for my hubby

Very cool looking hedgehogs. :slight_smile:

Awww there lovely xx

:inlove: Way cute!!

These r so adorable! :smiley:

I love Harley! He looks great:) Well done !

:teehee: I love the picture of them all lined up…very cute…

awwww i love him and all of his freinds!

O M G !! A whole family of them. I really must not let my little ones see that picture! Awesome work.

Those are cute!

Very cool!