Newest dyed hank - "tie-dyed"

Well, it only looks tie-dyed. I like it, though… I used six different colors. Would have been seven, but my Wal-mart didn’t have a blue :frowning:

This will make an interesting pair of socks, lol!

It’s fabulous! Love the bright colors!

benniesma: LOL @ your user avatar!! Is that one of your kids? I almost died of cutemess :roflhard:

That yarn is gorgeous–nice work! :thumbsup: I will make a great pair of festive socks!

What kind of yarn? what kind of dye? What happy colors. You’ll have happy feet in those :cheering:

Ohhh pretty colors! Someones going to be happy in those socks :slight_smile:

[color=red]feministmama[/color]: I used Bernat Lana natural colored yarn as my base and kool-aid for dye. I pack per section turned out really well. The first hank I dyed, I used the Great Value brand (from walmart) and it actually turned out richer in color than Kool-Aid brand.