Newest creations Updated

Well, I tried my hand at navajo plying! That was so much fun, it should be illegal. I did it badly and it’s not balanced.

Then I put my hand carders to work and blended my Ragdoll’s fur with corriedale wool. As singles, it’s 24 WPI, but I’ll ply it against itself or some merino.

My lace flyer came unfinished :grrr: So, now I’m waiting for the wax to arrive so I can give it a whorl.

And now I’m finding myself needing a jumbo flyer for plying. And doesn’t that mean that I really need a second wheel just for plying? :angelgrin:

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen somebody enable themselves quite so well! lol That is sooooo cool.

You know you’re not that far behind me, right??? I’ve only been spinning for a few months :smiley: You’ll be where I am soon enough. Already got you getting more roving. Muwahahahaha…

So what did you get??? Gotta tell me what you think of it after you try it.