Newebie - Help with scarf

Hi, i just started to knit, and am currently trying to knit a scarf. I am using a worsted medium weight yarn, and have casted on the width of my scarf. I bought a how to knit kit, but i dont understand them, and the videos are a bit confusing. My question is, once I have casted on the width, what do i do next after moving whole row to the other needle, and want to move the second row, how i do i attach it to the casted on row?

You don’t move the sts except by knitting them. After you cast on, put the needle with those stitches into your left hand with the yarn at the tip. Then insert the right needle into the first stitch on the left needle, wrap the yarn around it and through the st. Drop off the stitch from your left needle, leaving the new stitch on the right needle. Repeat. When you get to the end of the row, switch needles again so the left needle has the stitches on it. Keep going. The yarn is always attached to the last stitch you did.

thanks. is the yarn im using a good one to start with aswell?

Yes, medium weight like a worsted is good to begin with. What size needles do you have?

i have a size 8 and a size 6 US. im currently using the size 8

also i followed ur directions, but it turns out that the yarn attached to the ball is at the bottom of the needle, not at the tip. is that where its supposed to be or did i do something wrong?

That’s good. The 6 will make tighter stitches, the 8s are about right.

Did you move the stitches to the other needle? Or maybe you caston with the wrong strand. Which cast on did you do?

i casted on with what i believed was the “slipknot” way. im not too sure. i followed these directions for casting on:

after looking at their knit stitch, what i think i did wrong, was #2 and #3 of it. do you think that could be it?

Wow, I already know how to do long-tail cast on, and those directions confused me! I’m sure they’re great directions, but it’s hard for me to learn knitting from pictures and words. Videos are much more helpful. Luckily, there are TONS of great videos right here on knittinghelp! At the top of the screen, hover your mouse over ‘view videos’ and then click on ‘cast-on’. You’ll see a list of several different options, with videos demonstrating them. There are also videos for the knit stitch, purl stitch, and everything else you could possibly ever come across. :slight_smile:

Good luck, and come back if you need more help! This is a great, friendly and helpful place. :slight_smile:

Did you slip knot all of the stitches onto your needle? That might be why it the working yarn is on the wrong end. On the page you posted showed the slip knot, and then the long tail cast on. The slip knot isn’t a cast on method, but just the starting point before you cast on. It tells you to slip knot for the first loop on your needle, after that you would have to choose to do one of the cast on methods for the rest of your loops.

I think the video on this site for long tail cast on is the best one I’ve seen–it helped me even more than having a live person show me how to do it. I suggest you try casting on along with that video.

The slipknot is just the first step of all the castons. If you did the long tail, the thumb yarn should be the short tail, and the yarn that goes around the index finger will be the one goes to the yarn ball. I don’t know how you would end up with the yarn on the back end of the needle though, instead of the tip. Both the working yarn and the tail would still end up at the tip.

On the knit stitch, you might have put the needle between 2 stitches instead of into the first stitch, so it unravels when you pull the yarn through and the left stitch drops off. Look at the videos here, both for casting on and knit stitch and see if that helps rather than looking at still pictures.

You don’t make a slip knot for a long tail cast on. You just do the cast on. At least that’s the way I do it.

Take your time, watch the videos here as many times as you need to, and above all have patience with yourself. It takes time to learn new skills. You’ll do fine.

thanks. thats what i must have been doing wrong the whole time. i guess i kinda got into the groove of slip knotting and just kept doing tht while trying to knit.

as for the long tail cast on, i was watching the alternate method vid, but I am kind of confused to which end is part of the yarn ball, and which is the loose end?

You can do a slip knot to start a LT cast on, I did for years and years before I decided to try it without one because of the knot/bump that doesn’t fit in with the stitches.

I never could get that cast on right one handed, I figured out that I coul `knit’ the stitches on the needle with my right hand so I use both hands. I think that’s the alternate method. The shorter end is the loose tail and it goes around your thumb; the yarn attached to the ball is held in the right hand as if to knit. You could try the knitted cast on instead, there’s a video for that on the caston page too.

just to make sure, the knit stitch is “in, through, over, off”? then to start the third row, i flip the needles over and repeat?

Yep, pretty much…

good to know. ill do a practice square with the “pull ball” i made then use the rest of the skein to make my scarf.
ill post pics wen im done

There’s a “demo of a small project” video on this site that might help you with putting it all together. I think it’s under “knitting tips” in the video section.

thats pretty funny bc i was actually going to ask if that was a good one to watch. with it, would i just skip the purl part and make it a garter stitch proj?

also, i understand how to do the knit stitch and casting on and stuff, and even though i am only doing one slipknot this time, i am still getting a bit of length where the two needles are. is that normal or is it something i should change?

Right for garter stitch you just knit every row. On the extra yarn between needles I’m not sure. Which cast on did you use? If it was the backward loop one, that’s how that one behaves which is why it isn’t a good one to start a project with. If it’s one of the others, it’s hard to say.

also, i understand how to do the knit stitch and casting on and stuff, and even though i am only doing one slipknot this time, i am still getting a bit of length where the two needles are. is that normal or is it something i should change?

You could try pulling it a little tighter, but why don’t you just start knitting up your swatch and see how it looks. Once you start your rows it tends to close things up a bit. Also, you don’t want your cast on to be too tight because it makes things harder. I am a recovering tight knitter and trust me, it is better to be loose.