Newby :)

:woot: Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce myself as i’m new here. I actually found this site from Pinterest last night. I can knit, but really only a scarf and it takes me FOREVER.

I taught myself from a book a friend sent me years ago. Well, it had a few left handed instructions but not many, so I had to try it basically doing it backwards to what the instructions said. So needless to say I need to re-learn. I have gotten new straight needles and also a pair of circular needles as i’m thinking I wanna do a blanket eventually. But first I want to maybe do scarves for my bubs who are 2 & 4.

I am a total book nerd, love to go to the movies or just watch them at home. I have no children, but I have raised my sisters kids and am now on great-nephews.

I used to be heavily involved in a few forums but the last few years have sucked badly for the family so I am now taking time off for myself and slowly looking for a new job. And i’m hoping things are going to be good instead of just eh for this year.

So I hope to get to know everyone better, and I should warn everyone I have a tendancy to ramble :slight_smile:



Excited to be here :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’m new too, so I hope you don’t mind be jumping in on the bottom of your thread!
I’m from England and was taught to knit by my grandma when I was a little girl, I’ve only recently started again and I don’t know why I left it so long!
Lovely to meet y’all!

Hello to both newbies and welcome!

:stuck_out_tongue: Hi, welcome, knitting is addictive, if you haven’t already figured that out!

nope don’t mind at all :slight_smile:

ahh, your grandma taught you? I don’t even remember if mine knew how to knit. my sister knows how to crochet and has tried to teach me that, but she goes to fast and needless to say i STILL can’t do it.

Welcome, Heather and Bambin, to the nicest bunch of people I’ve ever met online!:muah:

Welcome to Knitting Help!! :yay:

:woohoo: Welcome Heather and Bambin… :woohoo:

Thanks everyone for the nice welcomes!!!

Welcome from another lefty!!! I have learned how to read patterns “backwards” and you will too. We look forward to seeing pictures of things you do. Keep it up as the more you knit, the more you learn. The free videos here are terrific btw, even with them being right handed. Let me know if you ever have a problem reading a pattern, just message me. Again, welcome

Thanks I just might be taking you up on your offer once I get started and am able to go good.