Newby question

When i make my starting chain, and then do sc on it, and esp if I’m working in the round, the edge gets very very uneven. Is there any ways to avoid this, ie. methods to get an even edge? I get so frustrated by it that I’m seriously considering knitting a few rows, casting off and then crochet on to my knitted edge… very much work, but atleast that way I am sure to get an even edge… anyhow, all suggestions are very much welcome!

It’ll be something that comes with practice. Make sure you’re going into the same part of the chain every time, and that the chain doesn’t twist. It can be tough sometimes. I’ve been crocheting for 10 years and I still have issues sometimes. If it isn’t coming out how you like though, you can always pull it out and start over.

Another suggestion, do your chain with a larger hook, 1-2 sizes bigger. It’ll help your edge be a bit looser and easier to see the chain stitches. :slight_smile:

You might be pulling the threads too tight as you crochet them. Try to relax and make the loops loose.
This takes practice, I had this same problem in the beginning.
What’s happening is the outside edge is being worked too tight. You need to either use larger hook on the beginning chain. or knit the first row and then go to crochet to continue.
Hope this helps. ? :hug::slight_smile:

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]When do your initial chain, look at it. On one side is nice V and the other side has a bump. Work your first row in the bump and it leaves the nice V as your edge. (This is what I use when doing a crochet provisional cast on. Chain the number I need for the CO, and pick up sts on the bump for my first row of knitting. When I need to take it out, I just grab the end and “unzip” it.)

Other suggestions of using a bit larger hook for initial chain and practice, practice, practice are good ones, too.

Thank you all for your advise! I’ll see if i can get ahold of a larger hook, or start using my smaller ones for the main part (my biggest hook is 3.5 mm, which I guess is big for doilies, but not that big when it comes to shrugs…).

I second the recommendation to get a larger hook. I found working with the little projects just made it more difficult to see and be able to identify the stitches in the beginning.

Also, are you joining each round in the same place each time? I am one of those people that tends to make my stitches too tight and then I can’t even work into them. But after much practice, it does get easier (and more even). Practice makes perfect, they always say. :slight_smile: Good luck!