Newby needs direction help

hi everyone, need a little explanation- after finishing a simple hat- it says this for the last row-
[I][U]Thread a needle with the end through the last 7 sts twice and fasten off. Weave in the bottom end on the right side, so it disappears inside the rolled-up edge.[/U][/I]

how do you thread through the last stitches securely?


You need a yarn needle. They are fatter than a traditional sewing needle.

Cut the yarn and leave an 8-10 inch tail. Thread the yarn needle and and work it through the loops on your knitting needles and take them out then pull the yarn snugly, but not tight. Go through the loops again and then take it to the inside and weave in the end.

Thread the tail at the bottom and weave it in on the inside.

THANKS! :knitting:

For the top part, I recommend doing as Jan said [U]several[/U] times (not just twice). I had a hat come unraveled at the top before, so now I make extra sure it won’t come undone!!

You can also run through all the stitches, pull them up, tie, then run through the individual strands of yarn between plies–I mean, actually stick the needle through the yarn–on the inside and tie it again. I’ve had good luck with that.

Whoa. I’ve made dozens of hats and [I]never[/I] had that happen. As long as the ends are woven in enough it shouldn’t. Maybe the yarn type? I’ve used several though.

I usually thread the end through the stitches twice and that’s enough. Sometimes I have a hard time undoing it on purpose if I want to rip out a little and redo something. This is with acrylic or an acrylic blend, so it’s not very slippery.

wow, now that is what i was wondering is how secure it would be, its going to a 3 year old…LOL! So i did finish it - have 8 grands, so on to more…:slight_smile:

The hat that came undone was for my niece, and I felt really bad that I had to take it back and redo it. So now for hats I’m giving away, I make [U]darn[/U] sure the yarn at top is woven in good!