Newby here

I’m a newby and new to knitting and it is all so confusing to me. I have crocheted since I was 12 (41 years). I’m on workers Comp just had knee surgery and it’s -60 below wind chill, what better time to learn how to knit then now. Lord help me, because I’m going to need it! Looks like there is a lot of information on here.

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Whereabouts are you? It’s that cold in western Canada right now!


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Good time to pick up knitting!! What project are you starting with?

Discloth, looking on Pinterest for something easy to do. Something small that i can practice and learn how to do the stitches. I’ve got the casting in figured out. Now its on to trying and figure out how to read a knitting pattern. Baby steps, been watching a lot of you tube channels. I keep rewinding and repeating it until I figure it out.

I have only been knitting for a year. When I began, I didn’t know anything. I took a local class, always a great way to start, & signed up for an online class – Learn To Knit It: Complete 7 Simple Projects ($14.99) by Emily Woodhouse. She assumes you are a complete beginner & in the end, you’ve mastered pretty much everything you need to know to send you on your way to intermediate knitting. She knits along with you so it’s as if she’s in the room with you. She also responds to posted questions & has a FB page: Knit It Superstars where you can see the projects other beginners have completed. Good luck & don’t get frustrated. Knitting is fun & therapeutic.

Congratulations on beginning an adventure into the world of knitting, it has been my experience that crocheters find the Continental knitting style (also known as German knitting or picking) the easiest to adapt to as the technique is similar to crocheting. I use a method of crochet to cast on I find it more versatile and you can use a similar method to bind off. This website is filled with knowledge and advise for all skill levels. The Craft Yarn Council’s website ( is packed with information and video’s for learning, pattern abbreviation lists and explanations, beginners projects. As Sonerila says an online course is a very good idea and when you thaw out a local craft store might have a knitters group. Good Luck and keep warm.

One thing you might do is look for a knitting group in your area. I have been knitting for years, but joined a local group for something social. While I am a veteran knitter, I have learned tricks and techniques from the others, and before I joined at least two of the women never knitted before joining. They learned from the woman who heads the group and have completed some beautiful projects. We all help and encourage each other, besides having a lot of fun!

Hi! I’m also learning to knit. I am retired, 65 years old. Knitting is something I always wanted to learn. I am having fun with it. Made a couple of scarves and hats, even a pair of fingerless gloves! It is 72 degrees here in South Louisiana, though.

This is a great forum for help!! Good luck and enjoy!