Newborns in Need pattern help

I thought this pattern would be helpful in my quest to knit sweaters. The pattern is simple enough but I cannot figure how to put it together. The pattern is located at I’ve knitted all the teeny pieces and am ready to sew…no clue where the sleeves are supposed to be. After you knit front, back, and sleeves these are the instructions:
Sew together (does this mean sew the sleeves???)

Pick up and knit 36 stitches (I have 60 stiches with the front & back. Does this mean I will have an opening???)
knit 6 rows with circular needle (Do I do this in the round? Which I have no clue how to do.)
cast off

Neck: sew 6 stitches each side
Sides: sew up 10 stitches each side

Help!! Mon

Okay, put the front and back together lined up and sew 6 sts together from the shoulder to the neck on each side. Open it up and you have a rectangle with an opening in it. Find the center of the top of the sleeves and line it up with the shoulder seam. Sew the sleeves to the sweater down the sides, then seam up the sleeves themselves. Finally, sew up the sides, 10 sts down from the sleeves. Then pick up a stitch in every stitch that’s on the neck (yes a circular needle, or dpns) and knit 6 rows or do it in garter. It may be the pattern has you pick up the sts first and knit the neck on straight needles, it helps if one of the shoulders is already sewn up; leave the 6 sts on the front and back of the other shoulder unsewn (and don’t pick up sts from it) and you can sew the neckband with the seam.

Thank you so much for the help. I belong to another group and got disgusted with it because no one would answer any of my posts. I will be staying here!!!

We’re a fairly friendly bunch and glad to have you join us.

I spelled it out in a lot more detail than I might normally have because there wasn’t much in the pattern and it sounded like you didn’t have a clue where to begin.