Newborn Sunsuit

I searched forever trying to find something like this and found it at a ladie’s preemie site and adapted it. I love it so much I am going to make my grandbaby to be a couple more as he is due June 4. It has a sweater to go underneath, but I am going to get onesies I think instead. I think a cotton shirt might be more comfortable for a newborn. My ribbing is a bit helter skelter, but I was having a bit of arthritis problems in my hands yesterday and couldn’t knit as tight as I would have liked.

that is LOVELY

I am knitting most of my Christmas gifts
or giving stitch markers i made to the knitters in my life


that is cute :heart:


Mama Bear

awww how sweet!!! Aidan didn’t get to wear any summer clothes. i had him in pants and long sleeves all summer and he was wrapped up the whole time :pout: but next summer he will! :cheering:

It is so cute!!!

Congratulations on the grandbaby!! I am due June 7th!! :slight_smile: