Newborn niece modeling "Auntie-knit" hat!

[LEFT]My Niece was born yesterday and I was a birthing coach, so it was a long and joyful day at the hospital. Here she is less than an hour old modeling one of the hats I have made for her. She needs to grow into it a bit.[/LEFT]


What a Cutie-pa-tuttie! She’ll fit into it in no time. They grow up soooooo fast. Oh yeah, the hat is really cute too. :slight_smile: I just love babies. -Ve

Oh my…isn’t she just precious!! :inlove: Love the hat too!


Awwwww don’t you just love a baby.
She is beautiful.

Oh i almost forgot to say … Nice hat! :slight_smile:


Awww she’s so cute! Love the hat! Bigger is always better, too. :wink:

My middle DD had her last baby at home with a midwife and that was an occasion to remember. I was in on that.

Your neice looks just precious. Your little hat is sweet. I like the flowers you added. I’ll bet it made you proud to see your hat being used as the “first” hat. There will be a lot of firsts.

I love babies!! and what a pretty hat- it looks soooo soft. so cute!

What a beautiful baby & hat! You did a great job. It looks very nice on her, but what wouldn’t?:heart::heart:

A very sweet baby and what a cute hat. Did you design it yourself? What kind of yarn is the pink? It looks so pretty and shimmery

She is beautiful! And the hat is precious! :heart:

awww cute baby and nice hat.

You have a very pretty neice and the hat looks beautiful too!!!:heart:

Congratulations! She’s a little doll and the hat is adorable. :heart: I think this is just the beginning of many happy, girly knitting projects. What’s better than knittng for little girls?:slight_smile:

The pink yarn is a bit of “soft Baby” by Bernat (or is it softee baby?). It does have a sheen to it. It was leftover from something that my dd had made. The white is a bit of Stork cotton. This was a stash busting project.

The little flowers were made to cover up the jogs in the striping since I knit the hat in the round.

Thank you for your kind comments.

Beautiful baby and adorable hat!!!:heart:

Beautiful!! Both the hat and the baby.

She is beautiful!!! Great job on the hat…very cute :happydance:


My daughter just had a baby boy (June 25, 8 lbs. 1 oz) and my daughter-in-law is going to have another one any day now! The minute I heard they were pregnant I got this big urge to KNIT stuff! I am a gramma! I love it!

Dont you just LOVE little babies?!? Your picture has made my day, thank you.


she is gorgeous and so is the hat! Congrat’s. I can’t wait for my newest granddaughter who is due to be born in December!
Have fun!

Your niece is beautiful!! and the hat too…
don’t worry she will outgrown the hat before you even noticed…haha… so mayb you will have to knit another one for her soon