Newborn hat with earflaps

Help! Does anyone have a pattern for a baby hat with ear flaps? I made an adult one from Yarn Girl’s Guide to Beyond the Basics but I don’t know how to alter the pattern for a newborn! His head is 14" in circumference and 11" from bottom of ear to bottom of ear.

Devil Hat you could edit out the devilish parts.

For a girl, you can’t get much cuter than Miss Dashwood

This Suede hat with matching ‘Uggs’ is too cute and gender neutral.

Simple Baby earflap hat

Ok, no ear flaps but if you are already clicking you have to check out the Cupcake Hat and the Chicken Viking Hat. And the chicken hat does have earflaps. :slight_smile:

Happy Knitting!

Oooooo thaanks for all the yummy patterns! I’m on my pda right now so I’ll have to wait and look at them on a “real” computer. :happydance: