Newborn for 6 months

I have just started a baby cardigan and have cast on 88 stitches , and k for 7 rows … I then realised hang on it looks rather big for a newborn … When I checked the pattern I realised stupidly that it is for a baby of 6 months ! So I will need to start it again , any idea of how many stitches I should cast on for a newborn as it doesn’t say ? Thanks

Check out the size standards here.

Figure out what guage your pattern/yarn is and adjust accordingly.

Personally, I’d just make the 6 mos. Babies grow so fast and they get so much newborn stuff that it’s sometimes nice for them to have something a little larger.

Agree about knitting the 6 mos size. And, often babies fit into sizes earlier than their age would indicate. So a 3 month old (or even younger) may well fit into the 6 month size.

I agree with Jan, average newborns can actually wear a 6mo size by 3 months old - by the time they’re actually 6mo they’re usually growing out of it. Newborns get so many newborn size thiing they usually can’t wear them all or very much, and grow out of them by 2 mo or so.

I’ve been knitting stuff for a new grandbaby. I knit newborn booties that I thought were huge. When I tried them on the neighbor’s baby, they were too small. Looks are deceiving. Every new mother gets tons of newborn stuff, but the baby outgrows them quickly. The baby might be in newborn sizes for maybe three or four weeks, if that. I really appreciated the larger sizes for my babies. A lot of it depends on the baby’s birth weight. My biggest full term baby was 6 pounds even. Some babies are 8 pounds or more. They’re too big to even fit in the newborn sizes at birth.

None of my 3 girls fit ‘newborn’ clothes past 2 weeks and my youngest, now 3 months, is starting to outgrow her 6 mo onesies. I would keep on with the larger size, better for the baby to have to wait for it than for something so cute to be outgrown before it gets worn.

When my oldest son was born , he was a full term baby but he only weighed 3 lbs 7 1/2 ozs and anything marked newborn swallowed him . I had to sew many things for him when he was little because nothing fit him , they were always way too big on him. At the age of six months , he was finally wearing newborn sizes. I didn’t have any relatives near me at that time so I just made clothes that I could find patterns for . I did have a sewing machine at that time , it had been a wedding present from my hubby…