Newborn Dress

Hello All, I am in need of a very quick, easy & preferably free pattern for a newborn baby girl dress. I would like to do this as a shower gift for a good friend & co-workers daughter but the shower is just two weeks away.

I have already looked on Ralvery but nothing jumped out at me. Any & all suggestions will be welcomed.

Well… I’ll keep my eyes open, but if you didn’t find anything on Ravelry I’m not sure there is one. :teehee: I did a search on dress/newborn and free and there wasn’t a lot of choice.

You only want a dress? Newborns generally don’t wear many dress up type clothes… mine pretty much stayed in sleepers or romper type clothing. Now if you want a sweater you’ll have all kinds of choices.

Pattern Central also has lots of patterns for babies including newborns, but not a dress that I saw.

As cute as all those teeny little clothes are, I’d suggest you look at something in the 6 mo size. Babies grow fast and many will be able to fit into a 6m at 3 mo old, having outgrown the newborn sizes in a couple months. Besides, they get so many newborn things they usually can’t wear them all before they’re too small. They spend a lot of time in sleepers and onesies the first couple months because they sleep a lot. So maybe you’ll have better luck finding a larger pattern.

This may be what you’re looking for. I thought it was a little bright. You can use any colors you want and this would grow with the baby. It’s from Knitting Help’s patterns in the tab above the main website page.

That’s a good one, I’ve even seen them in just one color.

I just this new pattern on Ravelry. It’s really cute, free and looks easy!

Thank you all for the suggestions. Jan, I have decided to take your suggestion of a sweater instead of a little dress although I have bookmarked the last one you suggested. It is cute but I already have yarn for this pattern that I chose.

It is worked in one piece & should be able to finish it within the two week time limit I have. Thank you for your help.