Newbie's first time in a knitting shop

was in central NJ on business yesterday and the garmin said there
was a yarn shop near by…Carriage Yarns in Ocean, NJ. :aww: First, the place is lovely, and the owner could not have been nicer or
kinder…if you’re in New Jersey…GO! <g>

i came away with…a set of the denise interchangeable needles, and
enough margarita ribbon to make a top. i saw the pattern, it looks
easy, yarn shop owner agreed, ti WAS easy, thought my 14 year old
daughter would love it. Got home and said DD “no way would i wear
that”. sigh…so, i thought, OK, i’ll call and ask if i can return
it. left the house for an hour, where the big dog promptly took it
off the kitchen island. I now have six skeins that i cannot possibly
return <g>, i guess i will call for a seventh to make the top bigger
for me…

i also bought a skein of crystal palace (i can’t remember the name),
but it’s lime green and is an eyelash type. you knit it and it’s
furry <g>. THAT the DD loved, and i’ve started on a scarf for her.

Now, understand, my tastes run towards the cottons and the wools…so
this whole novelty yarn purchase was a shock to me <g> I also bought a
debbie bliss book for alpaca silk…just some gorgous sweaters in
there. but, on my goodness, the cost of her yarn!! i’m making the
grand assumption that at least my first foray into that i can use a
cheaper yarn…correct? can anyone suggest a good substitute???

anyway…wonderful wonderful experience. i can see that stash
enhancement could be deadly to the pocketbook!


I too have a Debbie Bliss book, that was my mother’s day present back when I was prego with my first dd, and the local yarn shop owner was very helpful in helping select substitute less expensive yarns for the patterns.

I don’t have a LYS, so I buy my yarn online. There ARE good deals to be found and it’s worth it to buy good yarn. You put a lot of effort into knitting! Buying cheap yarn may end up making a garment that looks good for one or two wearings, but then looks trashy and pilled. You don’t have to spend $$$$, but DO buy quality!

Think of yarn as part (or all in my case:aww:) of your entertainment budget!

I’ve heard many people find DB yarns to be really not worth the price, though. Some pill badly or start looking ratty after a while.


i do agree with you on that! i am a quilter as well, and feel if i am going to make a quilt, why use poor fabric!

i guess my question would then be…(or two questions)

-is it worth it to make the sweater first in a cheaper (but not cheap!) yarn to find out how it knits up…

-and can you suggest some alternatives to the DB alpaca silk???

thank you!

What sweater do you want to knit? That will make a difference. Can you post a link?
ALso, what climate do you live in? I LOVE brown sheep cotton fleece. I live in the Houston, Texas area and Alpaca is WAAAYYY too hot here.
Some people love KP yarns. The prices are good, but I haven’t been very happy with them. The Decadence let off fiber EVERYWHERE and the Merino Style pills horribly. I’ve heard a lot of merinos do that…
I prefer to find sales of good yarns that I really like. (Of course I LOVE KP options needles!)

hi gina–

i found a link on the web of someone who made the sweater…here it is…

i think being such a newbie (two scarfs under my belt!lol) i have a few projects to go before i attempt it…and, i need to just learn more about types of yarn, gauge, etc…

i live in NJ, so i’m pretty open to fiber–as i said, i’m not afraid of buying “good yarn”…but i do need to think reasonably–this baby could get expensive quickly!

I would suggest checking out for suggestions on yarns that could substitute. I find it a good resource for yarn info.

If you’re on Ravelry, you can see herewhat other people have done with that pattern. Very nice!


ok, stupid question here…what’s ravelry???

thank you!


Is it the sweater or the yarn that she doesn’t like? If your DD doesn’t like the yarn, maybe you can let her pick the sweater. If it is both the yarn and the sweater maybe you can knit it and gift it to someone, that is if the dog didn’t ruin it.

Hi Dreamsheryl…

no, she announced that she didn’t like the pattern or the fiber–my kid! but, at 14, she’s allready my height…so, i’ll call the shop and see if they have any more, buy a couple more skeins and attempt to make it for myself.

oh, she loved everything in the debbie bliss alpaca silk book…everything! last night i got a “mommy, i need this one for highschool next year!”.


Ravelry is an extremely large database where people have entered patterns, yarn and their own projects. You can search out a particular yarn and see what people have made with it. You can search patterns and see what yarn people have made it from. It’s invitation only at the moment, but anyone can sign up, wait a week a so and then be able to see what’s going on over there.

Yeah, what she said! Go sign up for RavelryTODAY! It takes a couple of weeks to get in and you DEFINITELY want in!

i signed up this morning!

i can’t believe how much i am enjoying knitting…ok, i’m still on scarfs…but it’s so much fun!


Welcome to the dark side. Mwahahaha:roflhard:

Yeah, by the time you get your invitation, you’ll be hooked…

Ravelry is a website where you can organize, categorize, see what others have knit in the same yarn etc. You can find it a
I’ll have to see if my sister ever drives down towards that yarn shop. She lives in northern NJ.