Please help. I’ve been a keen knitter for years but recently got rid of everything due to a move, including all my patterns even the ones I wrote myself. (Wot an idiot!). Now I am having to start again and would like a book that gives pictures and instructions for all the different stitches (rib,cable,moss, etc) to name the basics. I have been told “the knitters bible” has some in and would like to know some opinions on this book or any other that does this before I buy one.
Thanks guys

I often use online sites like Knitting Fool and New Stitch a Day for different stitch patterns. When i get home, i’ll also check the book title that i have.

The [I][B]Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopedia[/B][/I] by Sharon Turner is a really nice choice and easy to follow. It’s got about 350 stitch patterns in it.

But if you want a really complete reference, I’d suggest the [I][B]Vogue® Knitting Stitchionary®[/B][/I]. There’s 6 volumes, on [I]Knit and Purl Stitches[/I], [I]Cables[/I], [I]Color Knitting[/I], [I]Crochet Stitches[/I], [I]Lace Knitting[/I] and [I]Edgings[/I], respectively.