checking things out, mostly posting cuz i need help and need a picture of my work posted, so i need to post. also saying hello, i don’t join forums very often!

Welcome to KH. You’ll find a very friendly, helpful bunch of folks here! It’s a great place to look around, learn new things, or just pop in now and then to get help. All in all, it’s quite painless! :wink:

I don’t join forums often either, but this if you’re going to join one, this is a great forum to start with!

thanks! that’s good to know. its always good to find fellow knitters (surprisingly rare!) and being able to speak about it without everyone looking at you like a nerd haha. hopefully i’ll find the help i need!

Welcome to Knitting Help! :cheering:

Hi. Welcome. This forum is great, I also don’t post at very many. Love the people here, all helpful and friendly.