Hi there, just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Andrea (or you can call me Wheels; I use a wheelchair). I’m 33 years old and I’ve never knit(ted?) anything in my life, but I was looking for a new hobby and since everyone seems to be knitting, I thought I’d give it a try. I don’t really know where to start, though, so any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. When I’m not pondering the nature of knitting, I’m a cashier at a children’s museum. I love to bowl, and I participate in Special Olympics every year; it’s one of the highlights of life for me. Anyway, don’t really know what to say here (this is reading like an ad in a newspaper, isn’t it?) but just wanted to say hi, so Hi!

Hi Andrea, welcome!

You can pick up some needles and yarn at a craft store like Joann’s, Michaels or Hobby lobby to get started. They all have inexpensive medium weight (called a #4 or worsted weight) light colored or multicolored yarn and about size 10 needles to practice on. I’d suggest getting circular needles, they’re easier to manage than straight ones and won’t bump the armrests of your chair. If they don’t straighten out well out of the package, dip the cords in hot water for a minute or two and hold out straight and that should help.

Then take a look at the videos here to get you started. The Tips page has one that’s Demo of a small Project that shows how to cast on stitches, knit and purl a few rows, then cast off (aka bind off) stitches. And you can ask questions on the forum and loads of people will be happy to help you.

Hi Andrea! I’m glad you’re giving knitting a try. You can learn from books or videos or in a knitting class (local yarn stores or craft stores sometimes have classes, or you may find a co-worker or a relative who can teach you).

If you want to start out on your own, I’d start with something small/simple - like a dishcloth or a scarf, perhaps. Find some smooth medium-weight yarn and some size 7, 8 or 9 knitting needles that are about 8 inches long. Then watch some videos, look at some books, and give it a try.

One of the things I remember about learning to knit is that I pulled out (frogged) so many projects that I had casting on perfected long before I could remember how to cast off! So be patient with yourself.

Welcome to Knitting Help, Andrea!

I always suggest new knitters start with a size US 8 or 9 needle. Choose a smooth, worsted weight (4), light colored yarn to practice with. NO novelty or fuzzy yarns because those are harder to learn on and harder to see your stitches.

As you can see our suggestions overlap a bit so that gives you some leeway when looking for materials. :thumbsup: We have lots of videos here at the tab at the top of the page, plus I have other site suggestions if you find that need more than a video (I did) to learn.

I hadn’t thought about the arms on the wheelchair so Suzy’s suggestion may be a good idea.

Also, :slight_smile:

Hi, Andrea and Welcome! We’ve all been in the start-up knitting position before and are more than happy to help with anything you need. The videos here are so helpful as are the people. Happy Knitting!

Hi Andrea! Welcome to the neighborhood!:slight_smile: some advice on knitting, never give up! No matter how hard it is! But do have fun with your knitting! Great idea on choosing knitting!:thumbsup: