I am new to forums-at least participating in one. I think I am starting to figure it out :wall: . A friend recommended this site to me- It is great as most of you already know. I am re-learning :yay: to knit and crochet. I have finished scarves for my gbabes and am now working on a baby blanket to donate. I want to knit sweaters (an easy pattern-for this beginner) for my twin g-babes. Does anyone have an easy pattern for boy and girl? Size 4-5 by the time I finish them. :roflhard:


Hi stitchabit, welcome to Knitting Help! Everyone here is really friendly, so don’t be afraid to jump in. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t taken a look at the videos, you should have a look at what’s available. They are fantastic.

Before I recommend any patterns, I have some questions for you. You say you are [I]re-[/I]learning to knit. So what is your comfort level as far as things like shaping, changing colors, etc. Do you want to do a cardigan or a pullover? Do you want to knit in the round, or knit flat in pieces and seam the pieces?

You can find hundreds of patterns at
there are a lot more if you search on a search engine…maybe other’s will reply with some specific pattern but there’s a start.

I have looked at the videos- they are great-very helpful. Hmmm. Have not done any shaping, have changed colors (2 at a time) I think I would prefer pullovers. I like using my circular needles. I have never seamed pieces, tho I like a challenge and want to learn. My g-babes will be 3 next week, but I was planning to do this for them for next fall/winter. They live in Maine-brrrrr.

If you are comfortable knitting in the round, maybe you could try the custom raglan sweater generator.

You would need your grandkids’ measurements. When I made this, though, I used the measurements from a sweater that fit me well.

Here are some others. (For the Lion Brand ones, you have to sign up for a free account.)

And, if you decide to do a seamed sweater, have a look at these articles. They are fantastic.

And finally, a good article on weaving in ends, by the same author.

Please post pictures in the Whatcha Knittin’ forum when you are done (or as you’re working on them). I always enjoy looking at other peoples’ projects. :slight_smile:

:happydance: Thank you so much. I am starting a folder to keep new info and new sites in. This is going to be so helpful and soooo fun!!