Hello !

I just joined yesterday and thought i would introduce myself . I am on vacation visiting my sister for a month and she pointed out the site to me and helped me sign up .

It is great seeing everyones work . I can’t wait to get back home and post pics of all the things i have made in the past .

Although i am not a brilliant knitter , i do crochet . Unlike my big sis who is a fantastic knitter .

Well Just wanted to say hi .
Have a good knitting or crochet day to you all .:yay:


Hi and welcome. Look forward to seeing pictures of your work.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

:waving: and Welcome!


Hello and welcome to the site!

Welcome, I’m sure you’ve noticed that KH has a crochet section as well, so you can post on both interests.

Thank you. I have so much stuff back at home . When i fly back i will take pictures and post my crochet stuff.
At the moment i am enjoying seeing my family , I have not been back to the UK for 10 years . So i am taking in all the sights and seeing how much things have changed.

Welcome to Knitting Help!! :yay:

Nice to talk to you today, I’m pleased you’ve been having a nice time, the kids sounded completely hyper!

I hope that you are having a nice time with your family in the UK! I studied at Uni Plymouth for 5 months and loved it. :mrgreen: I look forward to seeing your crochet projects when you get back. From one newbie to another–welcome! :happydance:

Thank you Nobones . It was great to finally talk to you .
I am sorry the kids can get a bit loud ,espeacially when i have 3 .

we spent the day at my cousins yesterday . Drove her nuts instead :rofl:

thank you all for the kind welcome! x