I just wanted to introduce myself as the person who will drive you crazy with questions shortly :slight_smile: …Everyone in my family crochets so I chose to be different - and make my life harder because no one can help :wink:

I’ve read through some of the posts and you all seem so nice on here…can’t wait to get to know some of you!

Welcome to the Forum! Don’t worry about asking questions–that’s what we’re here for. :thumbsup:

Welcome! Ask away.

Warning, this place is addictive :mrgreen:

Everybody here is glad to help! Welcome!


Welcome, amy. This is a wonderful group of people! We were all newbies once (and I still consider myself one, sometimes).

having trouble posting questions help

What sort of trouble?

Welcome to the forum AmyQ!

Welcome :slight_smile: I crochet and knit. I am an intermediate in crochet and beginner in knitting. If I know any answers to your question, I will be glad to tell you. Of course, all these other friendly knitters will also :slight_smile: I love this site!