I guess I should have introduced myself first!!!

I’m Sara from Ca. I’m 25 and a stay at home mom to my 7 month old son, Jaxson. I’m also a college student. I will graduate in May with my degree in Finance and Real Estate. I took up knitting while I was pregnant, I tought myself with the help of the videos on this sight. I have grown to love knitting, but with my busy schedule, I can’t find enough time to do it!!!

Happy Knitting!

Welcome, Sara. Nice to meet you! :waving:

:XX: April

Well, hello Sara! It’s so nice to meet you and have another KH :XX: !! Looking forward to getting to know you :D. Sounds like you have your hands full with school & family…sounds as if you are juggling quite nicely :wink: Knitting is, after all, the key to all of lfe’s stresses :smiley:

:waving: Welcome Sara!! I’m a stay at home mommy to a little boy Isaiah who will be 5 soon, and a little girl Ruth aka Roo who will be 2 soon. We are also the same age LOL… Congrats on graduating thats wonderful. I wanna head back to school when my youngest starts school and get back into ASL but then part of me wants to continue to be home so I’ll be here when they leave for school and come in… also when they are off :thinking: still have awhiles to go before I’m forced to make a decision LOL. :smiley:

Dusti–There are many ASL interpreters employed at schools–perfect hours! :wink:

HI and WELCOME, Sara! :waving:

Welcome Sarah! I have a little one too, and I am a daycare provider for 3 others (all under 2)… so I know far too well about no time to knit. I get in about 1/2 an hour during naptime after I finish all my “chores” and after I get my little one in bed at night I knit for a couple hours. I learned while pregnant as well… something about creating a life and needing to create outside your body as well. I hope you’re able to find more time soon! I would be a sad soul without knitting… that much I know.

hello and welcome

I keep thinking of hall and oates singing your name