Hi. My name is Stacy and I am a new knitter! Almost sounds like a meeting for someone who’s addicted, doesn’t it? Well, I am addicted already and I’ve only been knitting for two weeks now! I already have grand illusions of all these things I’m going to knit for people for Christmas presents! I realize I may be a little ahead of myself since I’m so new at this, but you’ve got to have goals, right? Anyway, I am currently teaching myself how to knit through a wonderful book I picked up at Barnes & Noble and I am signed-up to take a four-week knitting class at the university I work at. I am very excited to be able to actually learn some techniques from an actual person. Sometimes a book just doesn’t convey everything you need to know. Plus, I’m just excited to meet other knitters in my area!

I love this site. It has so much information and I haven’t even looked through everything! I’m glad I found this place!!


Welcome!!! :hug: :muah: :hug: :muah:

You sound soooooo organised - I wish I could take a class, I’m quite a newbie too.

You’ll get a lot of help on this site - and also more addictions!


Welcome from another newbie knitter.

Welcome Stacy!

Yes, this is an addiction!

Try not to overwhelm yourself with projects that might be too difficult. That’s not to say don’t challenge yourself. I’ve seen people tackle things that were way, way too hard, get discouraged, and quit.

Anyhow, again, Welcome! You’re going to LOVE it here!