I just started learning a week ago how to knitt. I finished my first project yesterday which was a scarf i knitted for my daughter. God was i proud of that scarf. Anyways i was trying to think of something else i could knitt for my second project, but something that not too hard. What i really wanted to start knitting for was to learn how to adventually knitt socks. And i do have one question; can you knitt blankets or am i thinking of crocheting? I work in a call center and i see so many people making these beautiful humoungous blankets. (which i would like to someday make to!)
If anyone can maybe give me an i dea for something else to try to knitt it would be appreiciated.


Check out Knitting Pattern Central
All the patterns are free and there are tons to do. And yes you can knit a blanket or afghan, I am in the process of doing one. You need to use circular needles, because of the number of stitches necessary for it.

As with crochet, you can work a large piece in strips/panels/squares. So you don’t have to have circulars for many patterns. If you’ve done a full afghan in crochet, you can get a sense of how heavy that would be hanging on circ ndls. Done in smaller pieces, and then joined, means a project that travels more easily.

You might want to consider doing dishcloth-type squares, perhaps in diff colors, and then joining them to make an afghan. Here’s lots of ideas:


I looked o the website and for some reason i chose this dish cloth to try and work on. Although the only thing i know how to do is knitt in a straight line. I don’t know how to add all those fancy additions on. If someone maybe knows a good website that can explain to me step by step it would be great.


i also went on to
and the dishcloth for dumbies are the only ones i always see people making. Maybe i should make that one. Maybe i should just buy the Knitting and crocheting for Dumbies book, that may make things alot easier. Cause i just don’t know where to start.


The `fancy stitches’ are made by simply using different combinations of the knit and purl stitch. The patterns explain how many knits and how many purls and where they are. They’re not as difficult as they might appear.

I work in a call center and bring my knitting along. A couple nights a week are pretty slow, so I can get quite a bit accomplished between calls.