Hi everyone I’m totally stuck on this. Pattern. Can anyone explain the section that I have circled on pattern. I done 48 rows as stated but there was nowhere near 128, loops. And the collar is getting far to big. Totally confused

thanks in advance

Welcome to knitting and to KnittingHelp!
This part of the pattern has short rows worked by wrap & turn (w&t).

The first time you work the short row you rib over 104sts, then the next time over 28sts. Those 28sts form the base of the short rows. Each time you work a row you work 2sts past a previous wrapped stitch. So if your work the 2 rows given in the pattern plus 48 more that’s 50 rows. Each row extends 2 sts further so thats 100 more sts added to the center 28sts for a total of 128sts between the last 2 wrapped sts.

Overall there’s no increase in sts, just that the center sts have increased to 128sts. There’ll be 27 sts on each side which are unworked. (128+27+27=182)

Thank you. I tried again before reading your reply. I only been doin one stitch past the wrap stitch… Looks like have to start again. 3rd time lucky. Thank you for ur help.

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