My name is Jill, new grandma and wishing to take knitting up again after many years. I’ve downloaded a pattern for a baby cardigan. The instructions say 220 yards of heavy worsted weight yarn.
1 what is heavy worsted yarn?
2 what weight is 220 yards
ps look forward to getting to know more about knitting from you lovely people!

Welcome to KH!
What is the name of your pattern?
Worsted weight varies from 18-20sts/4inches. Aran weight would be a bit heavier at 16sts/4". It may be more helpful to go by the stitch gauge required in your pattern.

The pattern is offline, I think it must be American. I am really thick on these things, the only other info it gives is…14sts and 32 rows=4 inches in garter stitch, if that means anything to you?

Yes, that’s the gauge that you want to get when you work a swatch (a small sample) with your yarn and needles. 14sts/4inches even in garter is more of an aran or chunky weight. You can look at aran or chunky yarns from various shops or chain stores keep an eye out for ~14sts/4".

Even offline, is there a name and designer listed for the pattern? Ravelry is a fund of information.