Newbie Yarn?

Hello All. I am a very new knitter and have a simple (I think!) question…how do you know what WEIGHT a yarn is? I’m taking a “how to knit socks” class and they call for a Worsted Weight yarn. Is it subjective? I don’s see anything on any of the labels that I look at…or am I just not seeing it? :??

It’s usually stated on the yarn’s wrapper someplace. All of the yarn I have come across has at least a series of symbols stating weight, recommended needle sizes., care instructions, etc…

Study the labels carefully, the weight is there some place.

Also… if you can’t find a numer… look at the icon that has the little square and it will have a needle number or crochet hook letter next to it to give you some idea…
for example~ a size 8/9 needle is usually worsted weight
szs 10 and up are generally moving towards a bulky weight yarn
sizes 0-3 are usually a light/ fingerin weight yarn

also~ many of these experienced knitters could probably Tell you if you post a pic or tell them the name of the yarn


That’s exactly what I neeed…thanks! I knew it had to be something simple like that.

It is important to use the pattern’s recommended ‘weight’ yarn, especially when you are a NEWBIE!

Old timer knitters :teehee: can tweak a pattern to fit the wrong weight yarn…but there are even limits on how effective that is!

Very important to make yourself knit a 4"x4" gauge swatch…with the recommended needle size first…and then if your swatch does not measure to the pattern gauge…adjust your needle size up, or down…and do that swatch over. This ‘gauge swatch tweaking’ is how old timer knitters test to see if they can make an ‘uncalled for yarn’ fit a pattern. Sometimes it works out…sometimes you have to give it up. :pout: