Newbie with questions

I have wanted to learn to knit for quite awhile and finally a few weeks ago went out and picked up one of the books by Debbie Stoller. She recommends as the first project the go-go garter stitch scarf. The supplies listed are some chunky yarn and us 17 needles. It looks like a good project but I am wondering if the us 17 needles are something that I would get future use out of since a lot of the other patterns looks like they call for us 8 or 10. Would you recommend sticking to the supplies that she has listed, trying another project or maybe using a smaller needle with a less chunky yarn?

I am excited to get started and hope to go to a local yarn store this weekend. As crazy as this will sound, I have been practicing casting on with some chopsticks and thin rope but I think I am finally getting the hang of it. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for all the help! You all are very talented!!

:happydance: Welcome to the addiction of Knititng…

I don’t get much use out of my 17s…I’m not sure I’ve ever used them to be honest :teehee: …you could always get like a worsted or a bulky and try that out with 8/10…gauge doesn’t really matter with a scarf and you could CO as many as you thought looked wide enough and then just knit every row…when you visit your LYS this weekend they might have a great suggestion on a yarn to get you started with…I walked into my LYS that first day and they suggested a light color in a worsted with a size 8 needle…:thumbsup:

My first project was with something cheap from Woolco or Kmart or whatever store was around when I started knitting. I find that when you are learning and getting an idea of gauge, there are usually many dropped stitches or wonky gauges…

I would personally start on something you wouldn’t feel bad about not being as you think it should turn out…

Welcome aboard, future Knitting Master!!! :cheering:

You can make alot of “stuff” with #17 needles so I wouldn’t hesitate to follow her directions on that. You’re starting out the right way (IMHO) and there’s nothing crazy about using chopsticks, either. I think most of us around here have done that and some still do. :slight_smile:

First of all, welcome! You’re going to enjoy this addiction hobby :teehee: so much! I don’t think there’s a problem with starting on a more popular size of needles, especially if you don’t like chunky things and don’t think you’ll knit those anymore. I think you can definitely see your stitches well with worsted weight yarn too :thumbsup: Good luck!

You could get size 10s and worsted yarn, co quite a lot more stitches and be fine. I have 17s, but haven’t really used them for much yet.

I have used #17’s once and I hated the process as well as the finished afghan. I did another pattern from the same book and dropped down to #11’s and was very happy with the result.
I would recommend dropping down to a more common size 9 or 10 as others have recommended, I think you will find more use for those sizes especially if you intend on making wearables.

i never have used 17s although they are great for getting used to needles. they make project fly along.

I learned with #8s if that helps, just found some randow yarn that was kickin around the house from previous unsuccessful attempts at learning. I cast on about 30 stitches and just knit. It didn’t turn into anything because shortly afterwards I was given novelty yarn and made a scarf with that instead but I still use those needles a lot.