Newbie with pattern question

Hi all :smiley: I was just reading a pattern for a baby cap, and at the end the following direction was stated: “thread needle and take remaining stitches off knitting needles. Sew cap together, changing seam at cuff turn-up.”

As I’d like to progress past rectangles and squares in my knitting :wink: , I’d really like to try a hat, but I’m not sure about that direction. I assume that I will thread a needle and pull it through the loops left on my knitting needle (without binding off). Do I understand it correctly?

Any advice for a good beginner project that isn’t a scarf would be appreciated!


You’ve got it exactly. Just slip the stitches off the knitting needle, and onto the tapesty needle, and pull the yarn through the stitches. I like to knot it once on the inside, then go through those same stitches again before cutting the yarn.

If you are up for trying out double pointed needles, a basic hat is a great beginner project. There are also some hats knit on straight needles. These will have a seam running up the back. It is possible to sew the seam virtually invisibly. (I’ll put up a video on how to do this one of these days.)

I added a couple new projects to the “Getting Started” page, and VERY soon (tomorrow probably) I will have dozens of new projects up on the Free Patterns page, including several beginner projects (which are labeled “beginner.”)