Newbie with pattern question

Hi all!! This is my first post so bear with me :doh: …I’m so glad to have found this site and this wonderful forum. I’m sure I’ll be asking tons of questions.
So here goes- I’m knitting my 1st sweater and working on the sleeves right now. I’ve knitted the ribbing and ended with a RS row as the pattern asks. The next instruction says to purl across next row (no problem there). Then Inc 1 st each edge NOW and every 4th row 14 times and every 6th row 4 times. Work even on 84 sts to approx. 23’ .Here’s the question - would the purl row act as row 1 and my 4th and 6th row will sometimes be the same row. Example 4,8,12,16,20,24 for the 4 row /6,12,18,24 for the 6th row. So row 12 and 24 will be a 4 row and a 6 row. I’m worried that I will not end up with the right amount of stitches if I follow these instructions.Should I just increase on the rows until I get the right amount of stitches?
Wow- I even confused myself with this question !! :roflhard:

Thanks in advance for any help you can send my way!

No. First you get all fourteen of the every-fourth-row increases done THEN you take care of the every-sixth-row increases.

Are you sure that it’s not every 4 rows 14 times THEN every 5 rows 4 times?? Do you have a link to the pattern?? Because as you say, every 4th row and 6th row being worked at the same time would result in several of those increases ending up on the same row :?? . How many stitches are you starting with before the increases??

I think what I would do, if what you typed is exactly what the pattern asks for is increase on the first row (let’s call that row 1), and every 4 rows 14 times THEN every 5 rows 4 times SO…increase on rows 1/5/9/13/17/21/25/29/33/37/41/45/49/53 and then increase on rows 59/65/71/77.

Does that help??

Wow- that totally makes sense to work the 4th row 14 times and then after that to work the 6th row 4 times. I knew I wasn’t thinking it out correctly and needed some expert advice.

Thanks Thanks Thanks!!! :smiley: