Newbie with big problem

HI, I hope someone may have a suggestion for me.
First time here and first time posting.
I am not an experienced Knitter. I have done very little .
I have been trying to knit on circular needles to create a small felted tote.
I started it once and after a few rows my project became twisted. I mean the whole thing with a big twist in it.
So I tore it all out and restarted it. I checked and rechecked a few times when I joined it this time to make sure it wasn’t twisted. Unfortuntely now I have numerous rows on and it’s got a big twist in it again.
Help help, I don’t know what to do other than start it all over again.
I took the needles as I thought the cable may be twisted and they are ok.


One of the main pitfalls of circular knitting is getting it twisted. We’ve pretty much all done it, and there is no cure.

However, if you knit a few rows back and forth first, it’s easier to start in the round without twisting. There will be a little gap at the beginning, but you can sew that closed with the tail of your cast-on.

Thanks muchly… so if I am to understand correctly there is probably no cure for the problem ? I need to restart it?
Well , I know I am not going to put any more effort into it the way it is now. It’s a mess!!! So rip rip rip I must!
have a good one.

Yup–once it’s twisted, that’s that. :pout: