Newbie WIP #2: the Ashton Shawlette in worsted weight yarn

Hey, all. I just started knitting about two months ago after years of not getting it.As a crocheter, I was always encouraged to work Continental, but when I started holding English my brain and hands went OMG YES.

This is my second big project after working up a Saroyan shawl to teach myself increases, decreases, and how yarnovers work in a pattern. The Ashton Shawlette is an amazing pattern and an amazing tutorial all in one, designed to teach new lace knitters how these patterns work as well as how to read charted patterns!

After I conquer this in worsted, I’ll start working down to fingering. :slight_smile:

Started this one in Patons wool same as my Saroyan, but this batch of yarn made my eyes itch and burn for some reason. Having never had problems when working the first shawl, I’ll wash that yarn and hang it up to see if that fixes it. So this one is being redone in some RHSS I had around at the time.

Currently on chart 3, row 5.

My two foci are lace shawl patterns and learning to make socks; anything outside of that is pretty and neat but not really in my bucket list at the mo!)

It’s beautiful! I’m a former crocheter that knits English, too! After several years I can now knit continental just fine, but my go to it’s English.

Oh, well done! Your tension is so nice and even and the pattern looks great. I like the idea of starting with worsted and then going on to the lighter weight yarn.