Newbie wanting to knit socks

Hi! I’m fairly new to knitting and am about to delve into knitting socks. I got some fingering weight yarn (so pretty!!) and now need to decide on the pattern and needles. I was thinking two circulars. Think this is a good idea? I would like the easiest method. The other thing I need is a book or manual of some sort. I need detailed explicit instructions!! Thanks!

What method is easiest really depends on the knitter. As far as detailed information goes, check out Silver’s sock knitting tutorial. It’s excellent! It covers several methods of sock knitting.

I made my first pair of socks following Silver’s DPN tutorial, definitely check it out, its so easy to follow and takes everything step by step. I warn you, socks are highly addictive. Good luck!

You may also want to stop by the “Any Sock KAL 2” they are a great sock oriented group. Any questions you have will be answered here but the Any Sock KAL is semi-sock oriented group.

Thanks! I will use DPN’s and use the tutorial. I can’t wait!

HAHAHA! Semi-sock related group is right! We talk about socks sometimes…but mostly about everything else.

I found my first socks with fingering weight yarn quite difficult and I realised later that I should have used a heavier weight. It’s hard to understand what is going on with such tiny stitches and such tiny needles. If I were you I would make a practice pair with some Sport or even Worsted weight before I venture into using fingering weight yarn.

Hey, Hey if there are any sock questions the help comes in fast and furious.

I think Ann’s suggestion is a good one, to start with a pair in worsted and bigger needles. That’s what my first pair was, and they turned out too big. But they are the best wool sleeping socks in the world. Really keep my feet toasty warm and are not tight in the ankles, so they have not gone to waste.

Good luck with socks. They are a lot of fun after you get the hang of it. It’s especially hard the first few rounds, but don’t get discouraged. It gets easier once your are rolling along a bit.


I used Silver’s excellent tutorial for my first pair of socks, and I got hooked! They turned out really well, the advantage of working with thicker yarn and bigger needles is that it’s much easier to tell what you are doing. That way you figure out how “building” the sock works, and it makes it easier to move on to smaller needles later on. Good luck, and have fun!

I totally agree that thicker yarn would be the way to go but since I’m crazy :slight_smile: I’ve decided to go with the thin hard to work with yarn that I have bought already. I will probably live to regret it!!! Thanks everyone for your thoughts!!

You gotten great advise… now remember this:

a sock is a closed end, slightly shaped tube.

(a hat is closed end tube too)

a sock is simple!

of troy are you saying a hat is a sock for someone standing on their head? :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I started knitting sock and have never been sure why every one thinks they are so hard. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

The turning of the heel is what made me nervous about socks, but it’s so simple with Silvers and knitting socks is so fun!
I agree, you might want to start out on bigger dpn’s and yarn. They go quicker too, and you can see how everything comes together.
Have fun!:yay:

my first socks were DK weight…

and I did them on 3.25mm, 5 DPNs…