Newbie to knitting

I am teaching myself how to knit a scarf and I am struggling when making my first row…I am able to do the casting with my one finger…and then I become confused in which way I should direct the second needle. For example, I finish the casting and begin to bring the other needle and cross it , then I wrap around the yarn…but then I am not sure what is the next step…I have been watching it via youtube but I am not quite getting it…Am I making it harder than it is? Any tips and suggestions are appreciated.

After you wrap the yarn around the needle, bring it through the loop. You might want to look at the Demo of a Small Project video on the Tips page to see how to do a piece from cast on, working a few rows, then binding off.

Check out Amy’s videos.

Also, I’d suggest trying a different cast-on. The loop is ok for some things, but doesn’t make the first row easy and doesn’t give a nice edge.

As for knitting, after you pull the loop through the stitch, slide the stitch that you knit into off the needle.

Teacherknit, 1st of all Welcome to knittinghelp, you will find everyone here is very helpful.

This is the video that I had watched to learn before I found this site she shows everything at first in slow motion.

Hope you find it useful.


I am new here also and to refresh myself I called the Library to see if they had any videos and they did so I went and got a help knitting and it helped to refresh myself. I have dial up and its hard to upload a video. Also Ebay sure helped with some the library didnt have as far as videos go. Just a thought…
Sounds like your tension is to tight if you cant find where to bring the loop thru for it to go to the other needle.

Yeah that’s something I forgot to mention - the number of sts may have to be decreased. It’s less noticeable if done just as you start the ribbing.

I also am a newbie, in fact, I finally picked up my new knitting needles today to try to see if I could do it! LOL!
I was going to post the video here, but it says I have to post 2 posts first…so I will post this and a blank one, and then try to post the video that I used!
and was able to get the hang of casting on very quickly. I even was able to do the next few rows…the only problem I had was they slipped off the needle from time to time and since I didn’t know how to fix it, I had to start all over!
But watch that video and see if it helps you! Good luck!

one more :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to KH. I think we all have our favorite how-to videos. Here’s one of mine. I like the cast on because, although you use your thumb, it’s like a knitted cast on, so you get to practice the knit st as you cast on. And the first couple of rows are there too.

That’s got some jazzy music in it…

That’s the way I figured out Long Tail CO, couldn’t get it just using one hand and realized that if I ‘knit’ the thumb loop, it was the same.