Newbie stuck on pattern instructions

Hello my name is Melissa…
I’m new to knitting and right now am working on a little stuffed elephant.
I’ve completed most it. I have a left and right side of the elephant finished (each side has the trunk, body, and legs). The whole thing is done in stocking/stockinette stitch. Below is a link to a picture of it, I’m hoping that if you can see it maybe you might be able to figure it out for me. :o)

Now I’ve come to the part of the pattern titled “Gusset” and it begins by stating “Work 1st-27th rows of legs”. And I’m just not sure what this means. It’s not specific about casting on new stitches, and whether or not I begin with knit or purl. Is this Gusset a new piece or am I to add to the already finished pieces? I’m not sure what to “work” here.
Can anyone help?

To ‘work’ in knitting instructions means knit in the stitch pattern that’s established. So if it’s stockinette, knit on rs/p on ws for 27 rows.

They seem to be referring to a new piece…but without seeing the pattern, or more of it, it’s kind of hard to say. Do you have a link to the pattern or is it from a book/magazine?

It’s from a book… “Knitted Toys” by Zoe Mellor. I could try scanning the pattern and attaching it. Would that be helpful?

It would be against copyright law to scan and post a pattern. But it’s okay to type out just the part you’re stuck on.

Ok… I did find a picture online of what the finished elephant looks like… (just scroll down a bit on the website, it’s the yellow elephant…)

The part of the pattern I’m stuck on states:
Work 1st-27th rows of legs.
Bind off.
Make a second piece as a mirror image.

I’m just confused on whether its a seperate piece or if I begin knitting on the legs on the pieces that are already finished. If it’s a seperate piece, it doesn’t say how many stitches I cast on. And if I’m supposed to knit it on the already finished legs, how do I do that?
Sorry I’m so confused…

Okay the picture definitely shows that the legs are a continuation of the body. Is there a part of the body where you put sts on a holder? That would be for the outer part of the leges. Read ahead in the pattern to see what other pieces you make and in the finishing instructions for what gets sewn where. That should help you figure it out.

No, there are not any sts on a holder on any part of the body. And the finishing instructions aren’t helping me much, but then again I’m a beginner.
I did find a website that has the whole pattern. Would you mind taking a look at it and see if it makes better sense? I sure would appreciate it…“work+1st-27th+rows+of+legs”&source=web&ots=HE9V7L70MW&sig=PiIN6hINzy7jjh2LWt2JuZRec1U&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=2&ct=result#PPA108,M1

It’s pretty vague, should have called it the inner legs and belly instead of gusset so you know what piece you’re working on. It sounds like you CO as for the legs and work 27 rows just like the original pieces, only for the front piece you work 32 rows. Look at the finishing instructions and that tells you what pieces go where.

Okay… that makes more sense. I will start it as a new piece and hopefully it’ll all fit together.
Thank you so much for all your help and being patient with me. I’ll let you know how it works out.