Newbie Sock Question

I’m working with some Red Heart Self-Striping yarn, making my youngest some silly socks. I’ve gotten to the part where you do the heel flap. Here are the instructions with a picture of the ideal socks. I’m using the Toasted Almond flavor of the Heart and Sole.

Here is my problem, because I’ve not seen it before. Note where it starts dividing for the heel work. It tells you to cut the yarn. I had to read it four times before I was sure I was reading it right, then went back over the sock and stocking patterns I’ve been working on the past couple of months… none of them have you cut the yarn.

I’ve watched countless videos on turning the heel and forming the gusset and I’ve yet to see anyone cut the yarn at that point. Maybe I’m only managing to get “knitting for the complete moron” videos (which is about my speed come to think of it) but I can’t find another pattern in my books that asks to cut the yarn at the dividing for the heel section.

The only explanation I could possibly come up with to explain it was they want to maintain the striping consistency… but it just sounds like a bad idea to me, so I’m not cutting that thread. Anyone have any ideas?

:?? I don’t think I’d cut it. No reason to IMO. If you’ve made socks before you know the basics so you can probably do most of it w/o a pattern other than numbers for sizes.

Thanks Jan… I took your sage advice and I have a beautifully turned heel and fantastic gusset, for the first time ever! I like working the heel their way, but cutting that yarn threw me for a loop. Common sense and experience kept yelling “DONT!”