Newbie showing off random FOs

Here a few of FO’s :

A purple fur boa for my 4 year old dd
Two garter stitch hats, one for dd, and one for ds
A sampling of dishcloths and stitches, including a reindeer and smiling frog (frog would probably look better in a solid color, knit and learn!)
And last my halloween scarf!

Thanks for lookin’ :muah:

Very nice. :slight_smile:

Everything looks great! I need to make some dishcloths for a friend, and yours may be the inspiration I need to get e motivated! Where did you get the frog pattern? My 4 year old daughter is obsessed with frogs – I’d love to knit one into a sweater for her. Keep on knitting – I look forward to seeing more FO’s.

Frog pattern was from, here ya go!
And thanks, I just started knitting last month, and has rapidly become an addiction :smiley:

well, after all of those projects maybe you arent such a newbie anymore, good job.
The only problem you’ll have now is when you get out those dishcloths and you say "oh no, i knit this by hand, i cant possibly use my lovely dishcloth to wash dishes"
I expressed this concern to a lady i know, she just said "make half a dozen of 'em, then you wont give a flip"
good advice
and Great knitting :slight_smile:

They look great! :thumbsup:

It all looks terrific!

:happydance:they look wonderful!!

Great Job!
I can safely say you are no longer a newbie anymore :slight_smile:

Everything looks AWESOME!! Great Job:cheering:

You have done a great job xx

Very nice work WildMountainHoney! :waving: Love the KH “handle” too! How cute! Wild Mountain Honey! :thumbsup:

Good on you ~!!! Nice knitting !!!

You’ve been busy! All the projects look great!