I am very new at this :XX: and not very crafty… :doh: …I can cast on but that is it. When I try for the next step I fail everytime. I think if I can get past this I can move on…I have big dreams of making sweaters one day but would be happy with a small anything…no just three rows would be great. My family is laughin :roflhard: at me and I am about to cry. Please help.

Also, does the size of the needles make a difference for newbies. How about a particular brand that may help.

Oh yeah! or do you think I should just give up and go to the mall and by a sweater. :shock: :blush:

AWW! Dont cry! :heart: gives Hellokitty a big hug :heart:

First, you may want to try needles that aren’t “slippy”…try wood.

I knit MY first projects on big fat needles with big fat yarn. But, Ive heard others say that REGULAR-sized needles and worsted weight yarn are best for beginners.

I dont think there is any absolute answer, except for patience. Watch Amy’s videos over and over and over…take things slow. Instead of concentrating on the finished project, try to concentrate on the “anatomy” of each stitch. Once you learn what’s NOT going right for you, things will “click” into place…

Im sending SERENE vibes your way!! :happydance:

I’m teaching someone to knit right now. We’ve pulled off the glue gun, got the crochet hook unhooked from her hair–you get the picture. I gave her some bulky yarn and size 10 needles and she can see her stitches well. Is there anyone who can sit down and show you how to knit and purl. Some people are just plain visual learners and can’t “get” it from books. Like Kelly said, look at the videos, find a good beginners book, and don’t expect a sweater right away. Start small, or rather, easy. A bookmark, a scarf, a swatch. Hang in there. you can do it.

my first project was a scarf done on size 15 bamboos with a big thick yarn. super easy to see my stitches and easy to hold the needles (kinda like those big fat crayons we used in kindergarten!:wink: ) i too would watch amy’s videos and i would just start with the knit stitch and don’t switch to purl until you are sure of the knit stitch. you might want to try both the methods of holding the yarn too because it may be as simple as the way you are holding it doesn’t feel right.

If you have a local yarn store, you may be able to find help there. If they don’t have time to tell you what you’re doing wrong, they probably can connect you to a local knitting group. Your library may know of knitting groups, too. Or, put up fliers saying you’re interested in starting a group.

I’m VERY crafty, but I had a hard time learning to knit from books. I wrapped my yarn the wrong way around the needles.

Just keep trying. Watch Amy’s videos. Good luck. We’ll leave the light on for you.

Knitting is a new skill. In the beginning, you’ll feel awkward and clumsy. But sooner or later, your hands will “get it”. It’s almost like a switch is turned on and suddenly, you’re knitting! Patience and practice is my only advice. And if you really want to learn, DON’T GIVE UP!! :slight_smile:

And I haven’t watched it yet, but Amy has a new video for a small project on this page. Maybe that will help. Good luck!

I’m VERY crafty, but I had a hard time learning to knit from books. I wrapped my yarn the wrong way around the needles.

:rofl: I taught myself, and I didn’t even realize I was doing it wrong until I read a pattern that said to knit in the back of the stitch…I was so confused, because that’s what I thought a knit stitch was! Then, I learned how to wrap the yarn the right way…

But, good news, Hellokitty, I finished 5 pairs of slippers, 2 hats, 1pair of gloves (with fingers and all!) and one pair of mittens before I found out I was doing it “wrong”!

Good luck - and this is probably the best place to come to learn!

Okey dokey just had a whole thing typed and my daghter hit esc and it went bye bye LOL.

Not sure this is what you are doing but when I was first teaching myself to knit I had trouble getting my first stitch after I casted on. I had a dvd kept watching it over and over it took me finding this website to finally get my first knit stitch!! I just watched Amy over and over and over then I tried doing it with her. I was going in between my castons not through the cast on. I kept saying this over and over while Knitting… in through the front door, once around back, peek through the window, and off jumps jack. As far yarn and needles I went to a local shop with I’m teaching myself LOL she told me either 7/8 bamboo needles since I crochet tight she said 8… then had me pick out a light wool yarn so I could see my mistakes easier. I would just sit and practice cast on and then knit a few rows take it out… till I felt comfy and my tongue was no longer on the side of my mouth… Then I knitted a little square, then added purling and did another square… then a washrag… now I’m working on a purse that’s pattern is under free patterns. I’m still going to take a class next month just to make sure I am doing it right I think I am but want to make sure. Hang in there with me lol we can scream together… :smiley:

Thanks guys…I found the small project video and am going to try to find a yarn store…I live in a birmingham, alabama surely there is one somewhere. I do not have anyone who can show me how. My mom is left handed so she can really show me plus she said it has been too long for her to remeber how.

Yes, I got some books and thought I was doing the cast on right until I watched Amy’s video. I did find the small project video and am going to watch it and try to see if that helps.

Will keep you posted.


I love your signature :roflhard: .

:XX: :heart: :cheering: :thumbsup: :smiley: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

I did it!!! I knitted three rows…OH MY :happydance: :happydance: GOSH I am so excited.

I watched the video of the small project and got bigger needles and it worked…


woo hoo!! keep it up! make you a scarf!!

:cheering: Yeah!!! Doing a little knitting jig for ya!! I messed up on my first big project yesterday the purse… I started pulling it out to fix it when my toddlers foot got caught in the yarn by the time I realized and caught her I had 3 rows left… :rollseyes:

YooHoo, HelloKitty! :cheering: I well remember when I first “got it” (only a few months ago), and the excitement I felt.


And I haven’t watched it yet, but Amy has a new video for a small project on this page. Maybe that will help. Good luck!

I had no idea Amy had slipped that in, that sly dog. :sunglasses:

umm…i watched it last night. i found out that i was purling backwards…lol. Someone else had posted that they were wrapping theirs backwards before and i didn’t think much of it beyond wondering what it looked like when you did that…apparently it looks like MY purling…lol.

now i gotta go back and look at the videos i learned from to see if it is their fault! :wink:

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YAY!!! Isnt that a great feeling!!! So so happy for you!


:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

HelloKitty, first off, here’s my official welcome to the forum.

Second, I started knitting for the first time only 2 months ago. It took me a month to make a dishrag. It was uneven and had holes in it. I’m now completing my second month of knitting and I’m still trying to finish a second dishrag/hotpad. I have ripped (frogged) it out a half dozen times, the first several rows are really uneven. I finally had a semi-breakthru last weekend (thanks to the help of greater minds than my own) and so the last several are better but still not perfect.

I’m thrilled you are making progress. I’m happy to hear you were able to get your first three rows done. I’m going to tell you the same thing that I have been told and have to keep telling myself everytime I make a mistake… It’s ok. Have patience, keep going, and it will eventually come. I encourage you to continue asking questions, no matter how simple they seem. There are a lot of us newbies out there that are in the same boat… and your questions may be something we’ve thought about but havent asked yet.

There are some incredible knitting minds on this site, even besides Amy who’s got a temple dedicated to her and hidden in here somewhere I’m sure. :roflhard:

Congrats and welcome!

And I too really like your signature. :roflhard: