Newbie scarf question

I was just wondering if there is a specific length a scarf should be? I just made my first and there was not pattern, just practicing the garter stitch and I made it approx. 4 feet. Does it matter or did I make it too short?

:smiley: I think that you should make it whatever length makes you happy. Is it for you? Generally, if I am giving a scarf to another, I make it around 6 ft long, but that’s just me :wink:

I drape it around my neck and think of the height of the person it’s for and also if it’s a decorative scarf or a keep-warm-in-the-winter scarf.

i think “they” say that it should be about as long as you are tall…but there is no way i have the patience for making a scarf nearly six feet long! sooooooo i just put it on and decide if i like it that long and go from there.